Epic Board Skins is a pumped up graphics and printing company which produces and prints customized expressions made into a custom snowboard skin, we have set out to create a product which is not only unique & personalized but that is made out of state of the art materials and that can be easily removed with no damage to your board or skis. This is a place where all boarders and skiers from any shape or size can come to and get the custom designed snowboard or ski graphics, one they have always wanted to support at the hill. This makes Epic Board Skins your ultimate destination for snowboard and ski customization.



Epic Board Skins printing department is a fully temperature controlled in a room that is free of contaminates. Epic Board Skins printer is an ECO-Solvent jet ink wide format digital printing technology


Media Materials

Epic Board Skins uses nothing but the best vinyl application material using the latest 3M Scotchprint™ air release vinyl technology. The same products used to wrap race cars, buses, vehicles of any type, shape or size in a marine environment.



Epic Board Skins apply quickly with self-adhesion and easy apply technology. With pressure-activated adhesive for short or long-term use.  Epic Board Skins do not require special tools or transfer solutions. A squeegee for applying is supplied and a full step by step installation guide with every custom snowboard skin.


Product Quality

Epic Board Skins are produced with the best materials on the market. All prints are fully laminated with a UV safe protective laminate. The resolution on the machine at normal quality prints at 720dpi x 720 dpi and at high quality settings has the capabilities of printing up to 1440 x 1440dpi. This means Epic Board Skins printer can print picture perfect images every time with ease. This machine has been a leader in the graphics/print industry, and has won many awards on not only quality but productivity. As far as the product guarantee goes by 3M Scotchprint™ Should last up to 5 yrs with no fading or peeling or cracking. Unless installation done incorrectly.